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Welcome to the new and improved anthony-ruivivar.net. Pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an e-mail, or leave a note in the guestbook.

Update - October 15, 2010

Rumors of this site's death are greatly exaggerated! With the premiere and success of Anthony's new show, "The Whole Truth", I will be giving this site a complete overhaul. Not only that, but I'll be updating with a content management system, so that this place will be easier to update in the future.

Update - March 10, 2006

Finally, some Anthony news! First of all, big congratulations to Anthony and Yvonne on Yvonne's pregnancy! Baby number 2, a girl, is due on May 7th.

Second of all, Anthony is in a couple of episodes of the CBS show Close to Home. The first episode aired tonight, but he is in one more, set to air next Friday, March 17th at 9pm ET. Be sure to catch him in this very different role than Carlos!

Third of all - Anthony is currently filming a pilot for ABC that will hopefully be picked up in the fall. It's called Traveler. Keep your fingers crossed that it'll get picked up!

Update - July 21, 2005

Yes, the site has another updated look and feel! This one, I hope, captures more of how I see Anthony, as a very bold and vibrant person who is full of life. The pictures page in the multimedia section has been updated with some pictures of Anthony that are courtesy of his wife, Yvonne Jung. Check out her site too - there are some great pictures of her up there as well. Also in the audio video section on the multimedia page, there are a couple of articles provided by Yvonne and Anthony from some trade magazines about the two of them.

As news comes in of any new project that Anthony is working on, I will be sure to update all of his fans.


This is a fan site dedicated to the actor Anthony Ruivivar. I am not Anthony.I am a fan of his.